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The sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence are treated with the help of this medicine namely Intagra 100 mg. There is a group of drugs called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, Intagra 100 mg is one of the members of this group. To prevent phosphodiesterase type-5 from working very quickly, these medicines are put into use to prevent this enzyme. This enzyme also works in the area of the penis. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition when a man is incapable to get an erection in the penis during the time of sex. 

Sexual stimulation is very important to increase the blood flow to the penis naturally and providing an erection in the penis. Due to the control on an enzyme, Intagra 100 mg helps in maintaining an erection on stroking the penis. Intagra 100 mg does not provide an erection in the penis without the presence of sexual stimulation. For treating the symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), Intagra is used by both men and women with caution in regard to the time frame as directed. This problem occurs when the pressure of blood increases between the heart and the lungs. 


Always take Intagra 100 mg tablets as directed and prescribed by your doctor or physician. Get detailed about the dosage regimen before consuming it. Generally, Intagra is injected into the body by the doctor or physician at the clinic or hospital. If you are well aware of the administration of this medicine, then you can take Intagra at home. Always follow the instructions given by your doctor about the use of Intagra 100 mg. In case of any query, consult your doctor and clear your doubts. Do not consume Intagra 100 mg if the tablet is broken or discolored. To avail the benefits, you can take Intagra 100 mg on a daily basis. Take Intagra 100 mg at the same time you took the previous dose a day before. Never miss any dose of this medicine. Without consulting with your doctor, do not suddenly stop the use of Intagra 100 mg. Remember to keep syringes and needles away from the reach of children and pets. Never reuse the used needles or syringes. 

If you have missed any dose, take it as soon as you remember. Skip the dose if it is almost time for the next dose of Intagra. Do not take more than one dose in a day. Consult your doctor if you have any question on the use of Intagra. 



  • The use of Intagra 100 mg is contraindicated if you have an allergic reaction to Sildenafil or any other inactive ingredient of this drug.

Nitrate containing medicines

  • If you are on the medication of nitrates, then the use of Intagra 100 mg is contraindicated in such cases. 


  • If you are taking medicine with name Riociguat (Popular trade name is Adempas), then do not take Intagra 100 mg. 


Are there any missed dose instructions?
You can take the missed dose as soon as it recalls to your mind. Skip the dose if it is time to take the next dose of Intagra 100 mg. These dosage instructions are followed in the conditions of Pulmonary Hypertension where dose regimen is fixed. 
Are there any overdose instructions?
If you think you have overdosed on Intagra 100 mg, then immediately seek medical attention without further delay.


Combining the use of Intagra 100 mg with certain medicines, food or beverages may lead to unnecessary adverse effects on the body of the user. There are some interactions given below:

Interaction with Disease
Cardiovascular disease 
In the case of heart and blood vessel disease, report to the doctor before starting the medication on Intagra 100 mg. If you have been asked to refrain from sexual activities due to the underlying medical conditions, then avoid the medication on Intagra 10 mg. 

Kidney Disease 

If you have any disease in the kidney, then tell your doctor about it. The patients who have kidney impairment are advised to avoid this medication. But suitable dosage adjustments can be made if the impairment is mild. 


If you are experiencing a prolonged or painful erection for about 4 hours or more, then inform your doctor about this condition. This condition may occur due to medical conditions like leukaemia, deformation of the penis or sickle cell anaemia. Be cautious while administering Intagra 100 mg. 

Disease of the retina 

If the patient has a disorder of the retina (when an individual is incapable of differentiating between blue and green colour), then use of Intagra 100 mg should be avoided in such cases. 
Interaction with Alcohol


Never use Intagra 100 mg along with alcohol consumption. Either you keep the alcohol level to no or to minimal level while on the medication of Intagra 100 mg. If you experience symptoms like a headache, dizziness, flushing, or fainting, then immediately seek medical help from your doctor or physician. 

Interaction with Food

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice or grapefruit products have taken along with Intagra 100 mg may lead to several adverse effects. The effect of Intagra may be affected if taken in this combination. If you experience any side effect, then consult your doctor or physician and get medical help immediately. 


Unwanted and undesirable effects may occur while on the medication of Intagra 100 mg. In such medical conditions, consult your doctor immediately and seek medical help. If any of the side effects given below bother or concern you for a longer period, contact your doctor or physician and seek medical attention. Some possible side effects are:

  • Sleeplessness 
  • Headache 
  • Painful urination 
  • Flushing 
  • Bloody nose 
  • Indigestion 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Dizziness 
  • Bloody and cloudy urine 
  • Changes in vision 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Prolonged and painful erection 
  • Burning, numbness, tingling in the arms and feet 


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