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Description :


Genegra is also known as Sildenafil Oral Film. This drug is classified as a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and taken orally through the mouth. Sildenafil Oral Strip is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) problems in men. When a man is unable to achieve an erection in the penis during sex that condition is termed as erectile dysfunction or impotence. 

Genegra being an oral disintegrating strip provides convenience for the users to consume this medicine in a liquid form. This liquid form of Genegra also preserves the same dosage accuracy as a solid dose. As soon as the oral strip is kept on the tongue it gets dissolved quickly within a few seconds. There is no need for water to consume this medicine. 

The effect of Genegra comes into action within 15 minutes of consumption. Erection can easily be attained and sustained in the presence of sexual stimulation. The effect of Genegra lasts up to 4 hours of consumption. Genegra comes in the strength of 25 mg. 


Sildenafil is the main component in Genegra Oral Strip. Each Strip of Genegra has 25 mg of Sildenafil present in it. 


Genegra oral disintegrated strips have many advantages. Some of the advantages are:

The oral strips of Genegra come in 40 to 140 microns thick that make the administration easy. You can consume this medicine in the public without coming into consideration of others. 
Genegra is suitable for people who want instant erections. In about 10 seconds, the oral strip starts to get dissolved and gets completely disintegrates within 30 seconds. Sildenafil gets absorbed in quick. The effect of Genegra oral strip starts within 15 minutes of consumption and stays for 4 hours. Genegra oral strips come in mint flavors that provide a great taste in the mouth on consuming. 


The use of Genegra should be administered only when it is needed during the intended sexual intercourse. The initial and maximum recommended dose of Genegra is 25 mg. Always take one strip of 25 mg once in a day or at an interval of 24 hours. Genegra can be taken either on an empty stomach or after a meal. But the effect of Genegra may delay or reduced if taken after eating a high-fat meal. 


The administration of using Genegra is very easy and convenient. Put a strip of 25 mg Genegra on your tongue and let it dissolve there. As soon as it dissolves in the mouth, you will feel a fresh mint flavor inside your mouth. Further, Sildenafil will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Genegra will show its effect in 15 minutes of consumption and lasts up to 4 hours. 


  • There are some medical conditions in which a patient should not continue with Genegra as it might be harmful. 
  • Be cautious if you are taking alpha-blockers along with the combination of Genegra Oral Strips. A severe and sudden drop in the blood pressure may occur if Genegra is taken with this combination. 
  • If a patient is hypersensitive to Sildenafil Citrate or any inactive component in Genegra Oral Strips. 
  • If you are on the medication of organic nitrates, then avoid the medication on Genegra Oral Strips. 
  • If a patient has suffered myocardial infarction in the past 3 months or less and has unstable angina, then the medication on this medicine is contraindicated in such medical conditions. 
  • If a patient has suffered a stroke in the past 6 months or less, then Genegra Oral Strips are contraindicated in such patients. 
  • Patients who suffer a very rare eye disease called Non-Arthritic Anterior Ischaemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION) are advised to not take Genegra Oral Strips. 


  • Before administrating on Genegra Oral Stripes, there are few warnings and precautions that should be given consideration. They are:
  • Get yourself diagnosed completely and check the potential cardiac risk if you have cardiovascular disease. 
  • The patients who have been asked to refrain from sexual activities due to the cardiovascular disease should avoid this medication. 
  • The combination of antihypertensive, alpha blockers or alcohol with the medication on Genegra Oral Strips may become the reason for hypotension in such patients. 
  • Priapism (prolonged and painful erection in the penis that lasts up to 4 hours or more) have been reported in patients who take Genegra Oral Strips. Seek medical help from your doctor if you suffer the same while taking Genegra. 
  • If a patient suffers vision problems during the use of Genegra Oral Strips, then he should immediately consult the doctor as this may also lead to a very rare eye disease called NAION (Non-Arthritic Ischemic Optic Neuropathy). 
  • If you experience a sudden loss of hearing, then the use of Genegra is not advisable in such patients. Consult your doctor immediately for such conditions and seek medical help. 


There are many side effects that are associated with the use of Genegra Oral Stripes. The side effects are given below on the basis of different categories: 

  • Body as a whole effect
  • face enema, 
  • photosensitivity reaction, 
  • shock, 
  • asthenia,
  • pain, 
  • chills, 
  • accidental fall, 
  • abdominal pain, 
  • allergic reaction, 
  • chest pain, 
  • accidental injury.

Cardiovascular effects

  • angina pectoris, 
  • AV block, 
  • migraine, 
  • syncope, 
  • tachycardia, 
  • palpitation, 
  • hypotension, 
  • postural hypotension, 
  • myocardial ischemia, 
  • cerebral thrombosis, 
  • cardiac arrest, 
  • heart failure, 
  • abnormal electrocardiogram, 
  • cardiomyopathy.
  • Digestive effects
  • vomiting, 
  • glossitis, 
  • colitis, 
  • dysphagia, 
  • gastritis, 
  • gastroenteritis, 
  • esophagitis, 
  • stomatitis, 
  • dry mouth, 
  • liver function tests abnormal, 
  • rectal haemorrhage, 
  • gingivitis.
  • Nervous effects
  • ataxia, 
  • hypertonia, 
  • neuralgia, 
  • neuropathy, 
  • paraesthesia, 
  • tremor, 
  • vertigo, 
  • depression, 
  • insomnia, 
  • somnolence, 
  • abnormal dreams, 
  • reflexes decreased, 
  • hypaesthesia.
  • Musculoskeletal effects
  • arthritis, 
  • arthrosis, 
  • myalgia, 
  • tendon rupture, 
  • tenosynovitis, 
  • bone pain, 
  • myasthenia, 
  • synovitis.
  • Respiratory effects
  • asthma, 
  • dyspnoea, 
  • laryngitis, 
  • pharyngitis, 
  • sinusitis, 
  • bronchitis, 
  • sputum increased, 
  • cough increased.
  • Skin and Appendages effects
  • urticarial, 
  • herpes simplex, 
  • pruritus, 
  • sweating, 
  • skin ulcer.
  • Metabolic and Nutritional effects
  • thirst, 
  • enema, 
  • gout, 
  • unstable diabetes, 
  • hyperglycaemia, 
  • peripheral enema, 
  • hyperuricemia, 
  • hypoglycaemic reaction, 
  • hypernatremia.
  • Special Senses effects
  • sudden decrease or loss of hearing, 
  • mydriasis, 
  • conjunctivitis, 
  • photophobia, 
  • tinnitus, 
  • eye pain, 
  • ear pain, 
  • eye hemorrhage, 
  • cataract, 
  • dry eyes.
  • Urogenital effects
  • cystitis, 
  • nocturia, 
  • urinary frequency, 
  • breast enlargement, 
  • urinary incontinence, 
  • abnormal ejaculation, 
  • genital enema and anorgasmia.


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