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Various kinds of viruses are treated with the help of an effective and potent drug named as Famvir. This drug also helps in the treatment of shingles that are caused by herpes zoster. The outbreaks are also treated by the use of this medicine that occurs due to cold sores around the mouth, sores around the anus and genital herpes. This medicine helps in reducing the number of future episodes of outbreaks in the infected area. 

Famvir is considered as apowerful antiviral drug. This medicine is not a cure but just a treatment for the various viruses that cause infections in the body. 

Famvir also helps in reducing the severity and size of the outbreaks caused by the infections. It prevents these outbreaks to happen again in future and also eliminates the pain and itching on the infected area. 

People who have a weak immune system are more sensitive to the virus spread but Famvir helps in reducing the chances of infections that may occur in the body. 


Do not take Famvir if you have an allergy to this medicine or to any of its components such as famciclovir. 
Inform your doctor if you have any medical condition to make sure that this medication is safe for you. The medical conditions are: 

•    a weak immune system
•    glucose-galactose malabsorption
•    severe lactase deficiency
•    liver disease
•    kidney disease
•    galactose intolerance

It is recommended to inform your doctor about your pregnancy before this medication as this may cause harm to the unborn baby. Get genital herpes treated before giving birth to your child. Otherwise, your baby may get affected by the herpes virus. 

Inform your doctor if you are a nursing mother as this medicine may also pass into the breast milk of the mother. 

Do not give this medication to children who are below 18 years without consulting with your doctor. 


Always follow the instructions and guidelines given by the doctor and on the prescription label. Do not exceed the dosesof this medicine without the consent of your doctor. The maximisation of doses will not provide you better results. 

At the first arrival of signs like burning, tingling or blisters; start the medication instantly on Famvir under the supervision of your healthcare provider. 

This medicine can be taken either on an empty stomach or after eating a meal. 

Always follow the time period of the course as directed by your doctor. Your symptoms may improve before the course completion but do not stop the medication before its course period end. Follow up onall the instructions given by your doctor on the use of Famvir are mandatory. 

Always try to clean and dry the lesions caused by herpes viruses. Try wearing loose clothing to prevent irritation of the lesions. 

Famvir should be stored at room temperature away from the moisture and heat. 


If you have missed the dose of Famvir tablet, then take it as soon as you remember it. Do not take the missed dose if it is time for your next scheduled dose. Never take extra medicine in an attempt to cover the missed dose. 


Get emergency medical help if you have overdosed on Famvir tablet. Do not delay in getting the treatment from your doctor. 


Even if you are taking Famvir, the herpes infections may affect other people also as it is contagious in nature. Do not let your infected area come in contact with other people. Never touch the infected area and then your eyes with the same hand. 

Famvir drug is not effective in preventing the spread of genital herpes. Use effective barrier methods if you want to have sex in such situation. 

You may notice impairment in the vision and thinking power. Do not involve in any activity that needs alertness and clear vision such as driving or operating any heavy machinery. 


Inform your doctor if you notice any allergic symptoms of difficulty breathing, hives or swelling of tongue, lips, throat or face. 

Stop the use of Famvir and call your doctor immediately if you are experiencing side effects like:

•    decrease in the frequency of urination
•    confusion, loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting,increased thirst, pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest
•    swelling, feeling short of breath, weight gain

The side effects that occur very less in the users of Famvir include:

•    diarrhoea
•    numbness or tingly feeling
•    headache, tired feeling
•    nausea, gas, stomach pain
•    dizziness, sleepiness
•    mild itching or skin rash

This may not be the complete list of all the possible side effects. Contact your doctor immediately if you suffer any of these side effects. 


Before going on to the medication of Famvir, inform your doctor about the medicines you take, especially;
•    other medications you use to treat herpes outbreaks, such as acyclovir (Zovirax), valacyclovir (Valtrex), and others 
•    probenecid (Benemid)

Other drugs may also interact with Famvir. Always inform your doctor about all your medications be it prescription, herbal products, vitamins or supplements prior to the medication on Famvir. Do not start any medication without consulting with your doctor. 


Never consume Famvir tablet if you have an allergy to famciclovir or to any of its inactive components. Complete the course of this medication as directed by the doctor. Do not stop the medication in the middle of the course even if the symptoms improve. 

If you notice tingling, blisters and burning; then immediately call your doctor and start the medication on Famvir right away. 

Always keep this medicine away from the reach of children and pets. Do not share your medicine with people who suffer same symptoms without consulting with your doctor. 

Get detailed about the use of Famvir and know about its side effects from your doctor. 


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